ABC Light Crane 120 Hire Charges

Prices :-
Hire from £600.00 per day (2 crew - insurance supplied and quaified crane operator)
Hire £650.00 per day (2 crew) qualified crane operator with Sony DVcam DSR500 camera plus insurance supplied
Hire £750.00 per day (2 crew) qualified crane operator with Sony HD XDcam PMW350 camera plus insurance supplied
Hire Extra charges:-
Delivery 50p per mile

Overnight accomadation and food at cost


The ABC 120 is the top of the ABC range. It allows you to reach up to 9 m using a special squared tube. It is both stong, light and very stable. It can be quickly assembled and dismantled. Used in conjunction with the ABC Pelè Remote-Head this crane enables the operator to achieve smooth steady shots both in the studio and on location.
The standard ABC Crane (7.5 m) can be extended to a 9 m crane. One person can assemble the crane in about 10 to 15 minutes even the 9 m version. You may also use the crane at reduced length i.e.: 4.5 and 6 meters.
ABC BULL STAND 120 to support the crane and counter weights

Some of the main characteristics of the new Pelé Remote-Head:
• super light and extremely robust construction
• quick and easy to mount due to rational concept
360° pan and tilt are very precise and powerful thanks to programmable digital motors
• precise and reliable joystick, direction of tilt can be varied
zoom and focus integrated for motorized lenses (Fujinon or Canon)
zoom speed can be varied at any time from control panel

• control panel includes control monitor
• control of pan and tilt as well as monitor signal run through one single cable