Broadcast Equipment Hire

REDHEAD LIGHTS The lightweight and cool fibre glass housing is heat resistant and virtually unbreakable. An easy to use lamp focus control changes the beam spread. The lamp is equipped with a high heat cable with strain relief and HD switch. These lights have long been the choice of professionals the world over.

DIGITAL BETACAM (DIGIBETA) Format Recording True 16:9 Wide screen,
• Switchable for 4:3
• 3 x 2/3" FIT CCDs
• 12bit DSP
• Film Gamma Curve
• Dial-in colour temperature
• Multi-Matrix feature for in-camera colour selection and colour shift special effects
• Programmable menus & set-up cards
• High Resolution 2" 16:9 Mono Viewfinder
• Sony B4 2/3" Lens mount
• XLR Audio Inputs, full manual or auto level control
Produces startling images

LIGHTING KITS we can provide a range of varied lighting kits to suit any shoot. From £30.00 per day (call 08456 121 123)

SONY DSR500WSPL DVCAM CAMCORDER with Canon Broadcast TV zoom lense J15ax8B. Convenient one-piece shoulder mounted design ideal for use in the field and in the studio with 2/3 Power HAD WS 3CCD, 16:9/4:3 switchable
Sony DSR500 Camera Hire from £125.00 per day
Sony DSR130 Camera Hire from £125.00 per day

(call 08456 121 123)

STEADY-CAM OPERATOR There is no other system in film production that enables such creative shots. With the body supported HandyMan Systems CN and DV, ABC Products has developed a balancing system for professionals with all the specifications of the range systems: ready for use in a very short time, with light and precise movements. Give your production a look that is normally reserved for the big screen. ABC DV Handyman Rig Hire £100.00 per day (call 08456 121 123)

TO HIRE £600 per day with operators Ring Jon 08456 121 123