Non Linear Editing

All corporate and Broadcast work done at Exposure TV is now handled by non-linear editing. Exposure TV also provide both on-line and off-line digital non-linear editing services both to clients with their own rushes and productions.

For those of you not conversant with non-linear editing, it allows digitised footage to be stored on a computer based editing system in files which then have the ability to be replicated, manipulated, layered, slowed, speeded etc so that with non-linear editing the creative editing posssibilities are vast.

Computer based editing also allows greater control of audio, the easy use of graphics, text and animation compositing. Of course one of the major benefits of Non-linear editing is the real-time abilility to chop and change the pace, impact and story-line of an edit at will.

Digitally stored edits either in entirety at off or on-line quality or as EDL's also have the advantage that they can quicjkly and easily be updated at later dates to make changes or add new information. Adding increasingly sophisticated special effects to edits or productions is also one key advantage to going digital.